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For those of you who wish to buy a coffee capsule that is unlike any other, we invite you to discover the original and delicately scented flavours that we have imagined for Dolce Gusto® machines. For this range of coffee capsules, we let the creativity of our baristas speak for themselves; the result? Gourmet coffees and not only, discover also our golden latte and white chocolate. As you can see, the world that Columbus Café & Co offers goes far beyond the purchase of coffee capsules, since we also offer a subscription service as well as a corporate coffee service.

Salted butter chocolate Dolce gusto® x12

5.95 €
Café Noir

L'Espresso intense & latte Dolce Gusto® x 12

5.5 €
Café Noir

Espresso Dolce gusto®x12

5.50 €
Café Gourmand

Latte de l'Ours Dolce Gusto® x 12

5.50 €

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Gourmet Coffee

Cappuccino Dolce Gusto®x 12

5.50 €
Gourmet Coffee

Vanilla Macadamia Flavour Café Latte Dolce Gusto® x 12

5.50 €
Café Gourmand

White Hot Chocolate Dolce Gusto® x 12

5.95 €

Our Dolce Gusto® compatible coffee capsules

Since its inception, Columbus Café & Co has been committed to going further in terms of taste by offering you gourmet drinks with new flavours in the form of capsules for Nescafé® Dolce Gusto®. Discover without further delay our best-sellers in the form of capsules in order to prolong the pleasure of tasting the creations of our coffee shops at home or at work.

As always at Columbus Café, you will find the quality of a good coffee from a coffee shop in a capsule for Dolce Gusto®; we put all our know-how into making your coffee experience an exceptional moment. Our Dolce Gusto® coffee capsules are completely airtight and do not require any extra packaging.

This is why the Dolce Gusto® compatible coffee capsules that we offer for sale on our online site allow you to enjoy our coffee shop experience at any time of the day. Our goals? To offer you today a daring and creative alternative and finally, as always, our coffee blend is fully roasted in a French workshop exclusively for Columbus Café & Co.

Subscribe to our capsules without obligation

If you are a fan of our creations, you should also know that we have offered you the opportunity to subscribe! You will receive your Dolce Gusto® coffee capsules every month directly at home or at work.

Pure Espresso with gourmet recipes!

Barista Blend®: the signature coffee

Coffee lovers are sure to fall for our Barista Blend® espresso capsules for Dolce Gusto® machines. Barista Blend® is truly our signature recipe. This recipe for Dolce Gusto®-compatible coffee capsules is characterized by a dense and thick crema that then reveals a deep and round body; as always, you’ll find its characteristic gourmet notes: citrus, chocolate and caramel.

Our gourmet espressos

You can also find other Dolce Gusto® pods compatible with your Nescafé® coffee machine. For example, we have created two recipes for gourmet espressos. To our 100% Arabica coffee are added the flavours of vanilla macadamia or chocolate cookie. So you’ll have understood, these Nescafé® Dolce Gusto® compatible capsules are an opportunity to offer you a sweet break wherever you are.

Our lattes

Among our Dolce Gusto® capsules, you will find the pleasures of a delicately dosed and flavoured latte coffee. These recipes are available in four variations to offer you even more pleasure and delicacy: coffee latte of course, but also vanilla macadamia flavour, white chocolate raspberry muffin or chocolate-hazelnut.

But also delights without coffee!

Columbus Café & Co, it’s not just coffee! On the contrary, we have also imagined original dairy recipes in the form of Dolce Gusto® capsules. This is how we offer you to discover and especially to savour our white chocolate or our golden latte.

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