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Catalog – Columbus Café & Co
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Coffee beans

At Columbus Café, we are convinced that Barista expertise must be at the heart of our business. We have therefore created our own blend of coffee, the Barista Blend®, through a blend roasted in France exclusively for us. This coffee has been worked to retain its intensity and flavours even when blended with milk or whipped cream. We have brought together this unique and inimitable know-how in the coffee beans that we offer for purchase on our online sales site. Buy our coffee beans to extend the Columbus Café & Co experience at home or at work and become a true barista! This high quality product available on our online coffee bean shop is primarily intended for the most demanding coffee lovers.

Coffee Grain - Espresso Barista Blend 1 KG

18.90 €

Espresso Special Grain Coffee Intense & Latte 1 KG

18.90 €
Black Coffee

Coffee beans 250 gr

3.55 €
Black Coffee

Coffee beans 1 kg

16.90 €

A coffee bean with delicate aromas

The Barista Blend®, available in our coffee bean shop, is the one our baristas use in our coffee shops! It is a coffee with character that will meet the expectations of coffee shop lovers who appreciate aromatic beverages.

Our coffee bean has notes of chocolate, citrus and caramel. It comes from the best plants and is 100% Arabica. It is suitable for preparing espressos as well as gourmet coffees with milk or whipped cream.

In addition to a rigorous selection of the varieties of coffee beans that make up our Barista Blend®, we are committed to having it roasted in France exclusively for Columbus Café & Co.

Columbus Café & Co: your online coffee bean shop, also offers you other coffee varieties; indeed, our creations now also exist in capsules and pods.

3 signatures for a gourmet coffee

Columbus Café is committed to offering you three remarkable experiences with its coffee beans: taste, technique and responsibility.

Taste comes first

The flavour of our coffee is unique, it has been elaborated with the utmost care by our experts; to achieve this result, our coffee bean shop has selected the best origins: Brazil, Guatemala and Ethiopia and has also chosen partners able to understand our needs and spirit. You will find in our coffee notes of hazelnut, chocolate and caramel.

The technicality and mastery of the process

Columbus Café insists on using a specific drying process for each of the coffee origins used in our delicious recipes, so that each bean can freely and fully express its flavours and aromas.

Commitment to people and the environment

At Columbus Café & Co, we place several commitments at the heart of our business. It is our responsibility to constantly work as closely as possible with producers to guarantee them good living conditions while offering coffee lovers a product of excellent quality.

Standard or express delivery

French coffee shop

Free delivery from 49€