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If you are the owner of a Nespresso® coffee machine, you have the opportunity to buy your compatible coffee capsules on our coffee sales site. Our beautiful collection of coffee capsules compatible with Nespresso® machines is intended for demanding coffee lovers and also for gourmands who are curious to try new flavours. We are well aware that it will certainly be difficult to choose among the many flavours (espresso vanilla macadamia, salted caramel, choco cookie...) that we offer for our Nespresso® capsules. Good news, you can subscribe without obligation to receive your capsules every month.

Café Noir

L'Espresso Intense for Latte intensity 9 Nespresso® x10

4.60 €
Black Coffee

Lungo intensité 3 Nespresso® x10

4.60 €
Gourmet Coffee

Macadamia Vanilla Flavour Espresso Nespresso® x 10

4.90 €
Gourmet Coffee

Cookie Chocolate Flavour Espresso Nespresso® x 10

4.90 €

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Black Coffee

The Espresso Barista Blend® intensity 5 Nespresso® x 10

4.60 €
Gourmet Coffee

Caramel Salted Butter Flavour Espresso Nespresso® x 10

4.90 €

Find the pleasure of our coffee shops at home!

For more than twenty years Columbus Café & Co has been committed to offering you tasty, gourmet recipes, which is why we have encapsulated our creations in the form of pods compatible with your Nespresso® coffee machine. Extend the pleasure of the experience in our coffee shop at home or in your company with our Nespresso® compatible pods; with these natural or gourmet flavours.

Buy Nespresso® Espressos Gourmands capsules

The recipes that have made Columbus Café & Co.’s reputation are characterized by a combination of our quality coffee with soft, delicately scented flavours. This is why we offer you our gourmet espresso recipes in the form of capsules for Nespresso® that will seduce the most demanding coffee lovers.

Discover without further delay our exclusive creations resulting from the union of two worlds: that of the coffee shop and roasting! Order your coffee for Nespresso® accurately flavoured: hazelnut or raspberry white chocolate muffin, vanilla macadamia flavour, chocolate cookie or salted butter caramel.

Find our Barista Blend® in your home.

Are you a lover of good coffee from a typical coffee shop? Then our signature blend, Barista Blend® is for you! Indeed, this exclusive blend has been imagined by our barista experts and is roasted in a workshop in France exclusively for us.

You will find our famous coffee in a long or espresso version so that it reveals all its aromas.

Order your Nespresso® capsules online

In 2016, at Columbus Café & Co, we had the idea of offering our signature recipes in the form of capsules compatible with Nespresso®, Senseo® or Nescafé® Dolce Gusto® coffee machines; our goal? To enable you to take the coffee shop experience home with you to your home or business.

Nespresso®: order capsules online

We offer you the possibility to easily order Nespresso® capsules on our site; in order to satisfy you and meet your coffee needs, we allow you to buy our products individually or by choosing our coffee subscription. Indeed, thanks to the latter formula, you will receive your favourite recipes directly at home or at your workplace, without fear of running out of coffee. In addition, you can create your own assortment of flavours to receive each month.

This is how you can take the time to browse through our website to buy your Nespresso® capsules, you are bound to find the recipe that will meet your expectations.

Columbus Café & Co’s commitments

At Columbus Café & Co., we take great care in making our capsules for Nespresso®, that’s why our Nespresso® compatible capsules are completely hermetic in order to offer you their full flavor; also, these capsules do not contain any superfluous packaging.

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