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Arles, Mall centre Shopping Promenade – Columbus Café & Co
Columbus Café & Co

Mall centre Shopping Promenade

Need a break in one of the best Coffee-shops in Arles ? On your way to the Columbus Café, CC Shopping Promenade, 22 Avenue de la Libération. Our baristas welcome you for a moment of relaxation with your family or as a couple around a good smoothie and a sweet or savoury treat. Hot in front, coffee is served. In the case of a dull autumn, you will be comforted by a mocha or a Latte de l’ours (home-made recipe with Speculoos) followed by a little sweetness. On sunny days, you can choose between a chocolate shake or a smoothie.  A generous stopover for renewed energy. A Buddha bowl accompanied by iced tea and a chocolate chip muffin: we also invite you for a snack break. Suitable for families.

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