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A good coffee is a coffee with character. That's why we have created our own blend of coffee, the "Barista Blend® ".


At Columbus Café, we are convinced that Barista expertise is at the heart of our business. We have therefore created our own blend of coffee: the “Barista Blend” through two blends roasted in France exclusively for us. Two blends for two preparation methods: Espresso or Filter Coffee. For the espresso blend, we went in search of new flavours for a unique 100% Arabica coffee with rich and complex notes through a selection of the best origins (Brazil, Guatemala and Ethiopia) but also through a choice of partners capable of understanding our needs and our spirit. For our Barista blend filter coffee, we have selected a blend offering the moisturizing pleasure of gentle extraction while bringing citric notes.

Espresso Blend
Espresso Blend
The art of coffee

The art of coffee

Production and service are provided by our baristas specially trained in the world of coffee.

Our drinks are prepared manually in front of you, respecting the coffee tradition thanks to a percolator.

We always use a double dose of espresso in our gourmet drinks, which means that the flavour of the coffee is very present, even when it is blended with velvety milk, crushed ice, hot chocolate, milk foam or whipped cream …

We are members of the SCAE, Speciality Coffee Association of Europe, an international association that works to constantly improve the quality of coffee at every stage of the chain to achieve excellence: from the plant to the cup.


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